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About the Youth platform "Generation - 2030"

The KEF Youth Platform has been held since 2009. Since 2011, the Youth Platform has been organized by the Youth Government Krasnoyarsk Krai. In addition, this year the youth platform will take one full day at KEF.

The mission of the "Generation 2030" Youth Platform is to create conditions for constructive communication of young people from all regions of Russia - entrepreneurs, young managers and scientists, members of public organizations and movements - with representatives of the government, large business and expert community to present and promote existing youth Ideas, projects and initiatives.

In 2017, the main focus of the Youth Platform is the discussion of the environmental agenda. The last decades have been characterized by the growing influence of environmental issues on both the international and domestic politics. Thus, the main subject of the "Generation 2030" Youth Platform this year is the opportunity to build a "Model of the Green Future".

The Youth Platform will greet more than 700 participants who have been divided into 2 main blocks: Leaders and Guests. It is necessary for every participant to familiarize themselves with the Regulations on the Youth platform and register on the official site of "Generation - 2030" (, and to solve the case task.

More information can be found on the official site of the Youth platform, by phone: + 7-967-600-20-30, or on the e-mail address