Dear friends!
This year, participants of the Krasnoyarsk forum will continue to discuss the social, economic, and technological development of our country for the next decade.
The agenda of the Russian economy for the next years will be the focus of attention on the first day of the forum. Experts of “the Center of Strategic Developments”, the analytical center "Project Office" and Expert Council are going to present their best practices at the forum. Besides, the KEF will become a discussion site of the comprehensive plan of actions of the Government of the Russian Federation for 2017-2025. As usual, the discussion will be conducted in an open format for participants and guests of the forum.
The second day will be devoted to modern technologies in management and their impact on the improvement of labor productivity in Russia. Participants will discuss why some companies are trying to introduce new approaches, while others are not, will consider the reasons for the large difference in labor productivity among organizations in one industry, and will pay special attention to factors, preventing businesses from optimizing their management model.
A number of discussions at the forum will be devoted to the topic "The Russian Industrial Revolution". Participants will discuss how the advanced technologies change the structure of the world markets; in what industrial technological sectors of the new industrial revolution Russia can be a leader; what social and economic, political and historical challenges our country is about to encounter in the period up to 2035.
2017 has been declared as a Year of Ecology. Certainly, a number of panel discussions and sessions are going to be devoted to various aspects of this subject, which is very important for our country.
I am delighted to invite you to visit the Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum! I am certain that our collaborative work will be interesting and fruitful.

Chairman of the Organizing committee of the Krasnoyarsk economic forum,
Deputy Prime Minister of Russia
A. V. Dvorkovich