The youth platform is carried out within the Krasnoyarsk economic forum since 2009. In 2011 for the first time the KEF youth platform was organized by forces of the youth — the Youth government of Krasnoyarsk Krai. Besides, that year the youth platform for the first time became full first day of a forum. For the next years within the platform the most different subjects were discussed: "Open public administration", "Development of personnel capacity of the country", "The new social contract" and others.


Historically creation of conditions for constructive communication of young people from all regions of Russia — entrepreneurs, young managers and scientists, members of public organizations and movements — with representatives of the government, large business and expert community for the presentation and promotion of the existing youth ideas, projects and initiatives was a mission of the Youth platform.


In 2017 the main focus of the Youth platform is supposed to be made on discussion of the ecological agenda. The last decades are characterized by growth of influence of nature protection and ecological subject on the maintenance of international, and interstate policy. Thus, this year the creation subject of "Model of the green future" becomes a subject of the Youth Generation-2030 platform.

For participation is necessary to study the provision on the Youth platform and to be registered on the official site of http://pokolenie-2030.ru/, and also to solve a case task.