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Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum 2020 Expert Board meeting took place in Moscow

10 Dec 2019 / 14:24

The Krasnoyarsk Territory Permanent Representation Office affiliated to the Government of the Russian Federation hosted a meeting of the Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum 2020 Expert Board chaired by Alexander Uss, the Governor of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. The Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum titled Development Projects - Energy of Growth will take place in the capital city of the Krasnoyarsk territory on 19-21 March 2020.

Representatives of federal and regional authorities, as well as scientific and expert community along with large industrial companies attended the meeting. Andrey Grachev, Head of Nornickel Federal and Regional Programs Department, Sergei Grigoriev, SUEK Public Relations and Communications Director, Elena Bezdenezhnyh, RUSAL Vice President for Regional Policy and Public and Administrating Authorities Cooperation, Sergey Zhuravlev, POLUS Vice President for Government Relations, Vladimir Vinogradov, SEGEZHA GROUP Member of the Board, Vice-President for Strategy and Business Development, Yuri Simachev, Higher School of Economics Director for Economic Policy, and others were among them.

Members of the Expert Board discussed concept and architecture of the KEF business program.

New measures of providing state support for undertakings of the Yenisei Siberia Comprehensive Investment Project and for fulfilment of investment potential of the Angara-Yenisei cluster will be drawn up and proposed in the frame of the upcoming forum. Apart from that, KEF-2020 participants will discuss a future dedicated decree of the President of the Russian Federation that is going to approve several decisions on the Angara-Yenisei macro region development strategy and formulation of appropriate federal state-run program.

In his welcoming speech addressed to the Expert Board Alexander Uss highlighted importance and relevance of the forum agenda. "Due to great federal and global importance, Siberia deserves a separate discussion session in the frame of the Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum. In the context of Yenisei Siberia being a the most significant comprehensive investment project judging by investment amount and feasibility of several projects it is apparent that Yenisei Siberia regions and Irkutsk shall become a backbone of a kind, a buttress for Russia. The second important topic of the forum is the prospect of a dedicated President decree on the Angara-Yenisei Cluster. This decree will cover working out of federal mechanisms that would provide support to large-scale projects located in the territory, as well as development of the territory itself. We can use the forum as an opportunity to discuss mechanisms that might be included in the decree. That is a highly important agenda'', said the Governor of the territory. Combination of federal level of the subject matter and intellectual component that has always been a salient feature of Krasnoyarsk forums enhanced by the possibility to discuss applied aspects with world class experts gives us grounds to believe that the upcoming forum will become even more important as compared to previous ones", stated Alexander Uss.

Head of Territorial Development Planning Department of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation Alexei Yelin confirmed his readiness to be engaged in the forum activities. "Our purpose is to work out proposals on advanced development of the Angara-Yenisei macro region. In particular, we should pay attention to such factors as quality of life, creation of comfortable urban environment and ecological situation in industrial centres. It's a good news that these issues will be addressed at the forum, and all of them shall be covered by the strategy of social and economic development of the macro region'', - mentioned Alexey Yelin.

KEF program will comprise business, communication, presentation, youth, educational, cultural and entertainment, as well as sports programs.

Preliminary plan of the business program lists about 30 events including Development Projects - Energy of Growth plenary session where implementation of key investment projects of Yenisei Siberia and the Angara-Yenisei macro region (more than 120 projects in total) will be discussed. Also, the Yenisei Siberia Comprehensive Investment Projects Road Show presenting several new projects is going to be conducted. In addition, some special events including Krasnoyarsk International Educational Forum will be hosted by KEF.

Before the end of the year KEF draft program will be finalised together with Exert Board participants, and then it will be submitted for approval.